Fail Pail: All The Hipsters Are Doing It

By Lindsey McNeill

The Next Act Pub’s “FAIL PAIL” ($9)
You own the movie FUBAR and are often heard saying the phrase, “Get’er Done!” You know all the words to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” You rock various levels of ironic attire and you love cheap beer that comes in a metal ice bucket. And when you order the FAIL PAIL, you get a good chuckle. Because it’s all about the good times and The Next Act knows it.

The Next Act Pub is located at 8224-104 Street off Whyte Avenue.

5 Responses to Fail Pail: All The Hipsters Are Doing It

  1. I’m still not entirely sure what the Fail Pail is. Is it exactly as pictured?

  2. I can think of 2 buckets Next Act has; the “Saskatchewan Champagne,” which is a trio of Pilsners, and the “El Cheapo,” a mix of whatever for $9.

    So maybe the “fail pail” is El Cheapo.

  3. You’re right on Jeff – the El Cheapo is now called “Fail Pail” which is three cans of beer, Old Milwaukee, Rainer and Pabst.

  4. Mmm Pabst and Old Milwaukee, I will gladly go and purchase a fail pail!

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