Rise and Shine at On the Rocks

Photo by Molly McKeen

By Molly McKeen

As a kid I’d sometimes tag along with my mother on grocery trips.

Such a wondrous experience. So many tasty treasures to choose from; all brightly lit and easy to reach for my shopping convenience. They even had mini carts for kids.

Mom warned I’d get bored of grocery shopping one day. Right. She was clearly touched in the head.

OK, mom was right. Grocery shopping is the worst. It is a chore. I now avoid when humanly possible. The grocery store isn’t a magical place of intrigue. It’s an elaborate trap — one that quickly leads to high blood sugar.

I always leave grumpy, weary and filled with loathing for my body’s demands for regular feedings.

I eventually hit the Kraft Dinner wall and sought other options.

Now, I’m a connoisseur of Edmonton’s cheap food spots. Let me introduce you to On the Rocks, with its promises of one-dollar tacos on Tuesdays and appropriate dim lighting to hide my shame over another averted fridge restocking. (My fridge is a university student cliche — condiments and beer.)

The seven dollar breakfast keeps me returning to On the Rocks. The Tuesday tacos are great. Don’t get me wrong, but the Rise & Shine breakfast is where the place really, well, shines.

It’s tasty, it’s filling and it’s cheap. It’s not grease-free, but it’s not the shiny, congealed pile that some franchise diners try to pass off as food.

At On the Rocks, the toast is well-buttered. The eggs cooked to perfection. The bacon is bacon-y. All in all, it’s a great meal to help chase away the empty fridge blues, at least for some time.

Where: On The Rocks (11740 Jasper Ave)

What: Rise & Shine, which includes eggs, toast, bacon, sausage and hashbrowns

Price: $7

Last Words: On The Rocks also hosts live music, has a ton of weekly deals — including $5 salsa lessons on Thursdays — and boasts a pretty impressive menu. The only downside is the top-40 blaring over the speakers, although it does allow you to watch grizzled bikers gulping beer to Miley Cyrus.

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  1. I am a hug fan of cheap eats, but the cheapest morning meal has to be at the downtown casino. Three dollar full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Can’t beat that anywhere in the city.

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