A treat fit for a duchess

By Molly McKeen

Photo by Duchess Bakery

I am afflicted with a raging sweet tooth.

I often satisfy it with convenience-store candy binges. But sometimes you want something special. Something decadent. Indulgent. That is where Duchess comes in.

Duchess Bake Shop offers an assortment of macaron cookies, made daily. Yes, they spell it macaron and they are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Calling a macaron a cookie does not do it justice; the texture is so much more intriguing. The architecture is similar to an Oreo, but between these rich, spongy cookies is a delicious, gooey filling.

In fact, forget the comp’ to Oreos. That’s wrong. Nay, insulting to the Duchess macarons.

It’s tough to pick a favorite macaron flavor from delights like salted caramel and coconut. I’ll admit to an obsession with the pistachio, though.

That there are Yeggers out there who have not tasted a macaron makes me want to weep. If you too are cursed with constant sugar cravings, go to The Duchess. Your sweet tooth will smile.

Where: The Duchess, 10720 124th Street

What: Macaron cookies

Last Words: The Duchess is not limited to the cookies. It serves several other sweet things, as well as croissant sandwiches and wicked lattes. The Duchess isn’t for anyone trying to cut their spending, but the quality comes at a price.


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