Albertastan – the work of Andy Davies

Artist Andy Davies talks about his work “Albertastan” at The Works Festival in Sir Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton.

I took a few minutes to get him to tell me what his work is all about and what the reaction has been to it.

What’s your reaction?

3 Responses to Albertastan – the work of Andy Davies

  1. I think Andy can be grateful that he doesn’t live in one of those other countries as many of his opinions could and would land him in jail or worse. So as far as comparing goes I think he should be at least grateful he is entitled to his freely expressed opinion. I like that he is at least trying to dialog with any side that wants to have the discussion, but my fear is those who would really oppose this would just avoid him and move on. As far as the freedom to choose our leaders goes we always have a chance to vote at least every 4 years and yet half do not even show up, I do not know if it’s because we feel none of the candidates are well enough representing our interests or true lack of interest, but anyone can run and or get elected without fear or retribution or persecution, I think the Bloc out of quebec have shown that well enough in this country.

  2. Now I’m confused: is he an artist or a political commentator or a satirist or what?

    If he’s an artist, perhaps he should create some art. If he’s a political commentator, then he needs to get himself back to a classroom and learn a thing or two.

  3. Hey Andy, the government hasn’t used that logo in more than two years. At least make your commentary up to date ;)

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