A Sequel like no other

One of my favourite lunches, the Sequel’s veggie burrito with spinach salad. Photo by Karlie Marrazzo

By Karlie Marrazzo

With a focus on delicious, fresh, no-nonsense food, friendly staff and the understanding that most downtowners are in a hurry, The Sequel Café is the perfect place for lunch downtown.

The second restaurant of owners Shylah Kuysters and Dale Meunier, The Sequel quickly became a favourite downtown lunch spot after my first visit. I often walked by and noticed the sandwich board sign outside with those fridge magnet letters we all had when we were kids.

When I heard another friend rave about it, I knew I had to try it out. Find the sandwich board just west of 100 Street on 102 Avenue, go up a few stairs and you’re there. The café is deceptively larger than the view from the street would lead you to believe. High ceilings, tall windows and bold colours make it an inviting space.

After speaking with the owners on my first visit, seeing them interact with other customers and noticing all the theatre and concert posters along the counter, I could tell they are very friendly and involved with their community. They used to own the popular Whole in the Wall Café, and re-opened as the Sequel in December 2010.

The menu is small, but has a lot to offer. Everything on the menu is homemade and made to order. There are four vegetarian soups a day, ranging from mulligatawny to tomato spinach and beyond. There are a few sandwich choices, a few salad choices, and about six hot specials, which change from time to time.

Some of the mainstays are quiche, ravioli, a sirloin quesadilla, spanakopita, and my two favourites, the calzone and the veggie burrito. All hot meals come with salad and potatoes, but they are happy to accommodate any requests you may have (salad only, extra dressing, no sour cream).

The meals all manage to be filling and delicious without bogging you down for the rest of the day, and are priced from $10.50 to $12. If you have room, check out some of their awesome cookies and cakes. The Sequel opens at 8:00am and has coffee and pastries available for the breakfast-on-the-go types.

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  1. I love Sequel Cafe. Those cookies are seriously delicious and extremely underrated! Great review Karlie :)

  2. Sequel Cafe is on my list to try out. My mouth is watering! Nice job, Karlie.

  3. Karlie; Wonderful – what an opportunity to write – next time downtown will try out the Sequel Cafe – Sounds great – great review

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