14-year-old’s 3,100 horsepower wish comes true

14-year-old Blake Tourangeau gets the ride of his life in the 3,100 horsepower drag truck The Smokin' Gun at Castrol Raceway.

By Carla Howatt

For 14-year-old Blake Tourangeau, the 2011 NHRDA Canadian Nationals Diesel Drag Race at Castrol Raceway will be a day to look back on with excitement and awe.

It was there he had an opportunity few people get – to ride in the passenger seat of Smokin Gun, a 1968 Canadian Kenworth Diesel Pro Rig, while it burns up the track.

Tourangeau had his opportunity thanks to an association with the Make A Wish Foundation and JBs Power Centre.

He showed up thinking he was going to sit in the Make a Wish Foundation’s box and watch some drag racing, but when he asked if there was any chance he could go for a ride, well, the wheels started turning.

Tourangeau shows of the Smokin' Gun's time slip, which ran the quarter mile in 14.272 seconds.

Before long, he was donning a fire suit and helmet and climbing into the passenger seat of Canada’s fastest big rig truck – a twin turbo, supercharged and intercooled 3,100 horsepower, 10,000 pound piece of machinery. “It was hot,” Tourangeau says of the experience. “I had to wear a suit and I had to wear a helmet and little yellow things, earplugs.”

For his mother Jen, her son’s experience was more than just about a truck ride, “It is nice to see him with a smile on his face,” she explains. “Taken away from the day to day stuff of worrying and health.”

JB’s Power Centre supports the Make a Wish Foundation in an effort to help those less fortunate and was able to raise more than $5,000 through their 50/50 draw at the event.

The kids who benefit are people like Blake who get to experience life in ways they never imagined “I’ve wanted to do it for a long time,” he enthused. “It was a good day.”

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  1. Thank you so much for submitting this lovely story Carla! We are proud and pleased to advise that In total this NHRDA event raised $9,600. for the Make a Wish foundation. Thank you to everyone who donated to support such a wonderful cause!

  2. That is great, Make a Wish is a wonderful cause.

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