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NDP – $100 million should fund education, not arena

By Dave S. Clark YegNews.com Provincial NDP leader Brian Mason said Friday that if Premier Ed Stelmach is to go ahead with funding for Edmonton’s downtown arena, his party will be severely punished by voters. Earlier this week, Stelmach said he was looking at using money from the Municipality Sustainability Initiative (MSI), which is a […]

By Alain Saffel YegNews.com Have you ever had the feeling you’re living in La-La Land? I certainly feel that way lately, particularly with this whole arena deal. Maybe it’s just me. I must be missing something about why the city seems so hell-bent on pushing ahead with a new arena when it just does not […]

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By Scott McKeen Pundits often try to predict city council votes ahead of time. Surprisingly, they’re often quite good at it. Some council members, you see, will almost always side with communities against developers, or the environment against business. Or vice versa. The finest civic politicians are far less predictable. They weigh the facts and […]

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