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Effective snow clearing policy or snow job?

By Alain Saffel YegNews.com  It would seem from the City of Edmonton’s new snow clearing policy that it’s all your fault. Why are you parking on the street in the winter? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Oh, if only it were so simple. If you’re wondering what the city came up with after […]

By Alain Saffel YegNews.com Have you ever had the feeling you’re living in La-La Land? I certainly feel that way lately, particularly with this whole arena deal. Maybe it’s just me. I must be missing something about why the city seems so hell-bent on pushing ahead with a new arena when it just does not […]

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By Dave S. Clark YegNews.com According to Edmonton city councillor Kerry Diotte, residents are buzzing about the number of pesky mosquitos that have infested the city this year. In an effort to reduce the problem in future years, Diotte sent an inquiry to city administration, asking a number of questions about the city’s mosquito prevention […]

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