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Introducing YegNews’ new editor: Dave S. Clark

By Dave S. Clark YegNews editor When I first heard about YegNews, I was immediately sold on the concept — an independent online newspaper with fresh local content. A newspaper in its truest sense, other than there is no actual paper involved. When Alain Saffel told me about his concept, I couldn’t wait to get […]

If you’ve been a regular visitor (thank you!) to YegNews.com you’ll have noticed things haven’t changed much around here lately. That is about to change, and we have a few announcements to make: Scott McKeen has decided to move on from YegNews and will no longer be editor. He has decided to pursue other options […]

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By Scott McKeen It is the sound of furball-inflicted cats. It is reminiscent of the unbidden noise from deep in our core on that fateful evening we tried mixing wine with tequila shots. Yeg. OK, I admit “yeg” is not a word you’d associate with a newspaper startup. But that’s the way we like to […]

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