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FC Edmonton dusts off Drillers jerseys

By Dave S. Clark YegNews.com Every sports fan loves a retro jersey. Hockey teams, like the Oilers for example, have recently brought back colours and logos from days of old and made them new again. Now FC Edmonton, a team that is still in its inaugural season, is doing the same. How is the rookie […]

By Dave S. Clark YegNews.com While the North American Baseball League isn’t Major League Baseball, it does boast some of its former stars, most notably Jose Canseco. The 46-year-old has a player/manager role with the Yuma Scorpions, who came to town last week. The six-time MLB all star and two-time World Series champ and his […]

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By John Korobanik YegNews.com Watshidimba Patrick Kabongo rolled his penetrating eyes skyward. His tongue began licking his lips, almost salivating, as he began naming all the delicious foods he had to give up last winter. “I had to give up sweets, carrot cake, pecan pie, ah man, peach cobbler, country fried steak, burgers, Wendy’s Frostys,” […]

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