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YegWords: The LOL situation

LOL: It started out as a friendly enough relationship: I’d be chatting online with my pals, jokes would be exchanged, and you would fit perfectly into the moment. Instead of having to explain myself by saying, “I’m laughing so hard right now!” I could type three simple letters: LOL (“laughing out loud”). Like the perfect […]

By Andrea Beça YegNews.com Edmonton is reported to be in for a warm but wet summer—it could be raining cats and dogs for the next three months. And of course, that prospect got the etymologist in me wondering: why do we say it’s “raining cats and dogs,” anyway? For the first time, researching the origins […]

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By Andrea Beça Let’s talk about words that aren’t words. You know the ones—they start out as an accident, a slip of the tongue, or a blending of two words, and somehow they creep their way into everyday conversation. They may even creep so far as to make it into the dictionary. It’s time to […]

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